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We are 100% committed to the well-being of our customers and users!

PROMPACK is a Colombian company with more than 32 years of experience, providing technology and innovation to the health sector, meeting the demand of large companies that have trusted us, becoming strategic allies. We have highly controlled and aseptic processes that do not modify your chain of custody, with a cost-effectiveness ratio of high competitiveness


We contribute to the improvement of health worldwide, co-creating innovative Medical Device solutions together with strategic allies, preserving the health and life of end users

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Our Clients & Markets

We adapt our processes to meet the needs and optimize costs to our clients at a national and international level, providing solutions for protection, simple, precise and controlled dose supply, aimed at prevention, diagnosis and health treatment, protecting the integrity of end users


PROMPACK was founded in 1989 in the city of Cali as a metalworking workshop for manufacturing, commercialization and reparation of molds, injection and blow molding molds and industrial blades. Due to this experience today we are a company specialized in developing exclusive products and complete customized solutions to the needs of our customers. In 2000 we started to manufacture plastic products by developing our first molds/tools for our Vaginal Applicators and from there on, we have grown together with our customers developing and providing all kinds of plastic packaging solutions for the pharma (Human and animal), cosmetic and food industry. Today we have leading technology and trained personnel to meet the demands of our clients and markets.

Our history
DM - CER 457808
SC - CER457809