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   Portfolio Prompack   

Anatomically developed and manufactured with the highest quality standards.  These products can be adapted to different diameters of plastic or metal collapsible tubes.

   Vaginal Applicators

Specialized plastic syringes for oral, intramammary and topical use ideal for containing, preserving and accurately dose liquid and viscous products.

    Plastic Syringes    
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Plastic containers and dispensers available in PE and PP in different forms and capacities, to contain liquid, tablets, capsules, dragees and powders.

  Containers and Dispensers  

Caps and plugs of different sizes and models for creams and gels contained in collapsible tubes.

   Caps and Plugs    
    Filling Machines    

PROMPACK not only manufacture products to contain solids, liquids or viscous products, we also offer to our customers the possibility of filling and sealing their products with equipment that we design and manufacture according to the specific needs.

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